Caricaturist and Draftsman  Oldĝich Cimbálek

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This page is dedicated to creation of pictures such as caricatures, portraits, effigies, simply drawing of faces in any form. I paint caricatures using different techniques, either face to face including colouring or according to the e-mailed photography. It is possible to execute pictures for immediate usage (the original, for example, in frame) or for reproduction in electronic form. Indeed, I can paint an artistic portrait in large format or a tinier to be used for wedding announcement etc.

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Tip !

Caricatures, Artistic Portraits

Let yourself or your close one perpetuate for a keepsake. Portrait can be created according to a photography , and raised with crayon or paint and framed can become a wonderfully astonishing gift. Portraits in small format enamel your wedding or graduation announcement. Have for yourself done a portrait such as caricature which can be put on tableau, T-shirt, mug, at work etc. There are plenty of possibilities and everything depends only on your imagination.