Caricaturist and Draftsman  Oldřich Cimbálek

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AUTHOR and something about him...

Born in 1969. Besides cartoons being currently published in weekly paper Dobrý den s kurýrem, and before in Trnky-brnky magazine, I make bespoken funny invitation cards, greetings, wedding and other cards, caricatures, and other jocular pictures, which refresh and cheer up anything, whether it is a business card, diploma, calendar, company logo, tag etc. I also draw portraits and caricatures by various painting techniques, and pursue oil painting too. All pictures are hand-painted and coloured by standard colours or digitally on PC to be kept in high quality for electronic reproduction. Each offered proposal or cartoon is an original. Each customer receives this original together with a job order, warranted this picture is the one and only and it has never been used anywhere else yet. All remaining job matters of a picture manner can be set according to the customer's idea. Please do not hesitate to contact me on address stated below in "contact" section.

PAINTING ACTIONS - or other painting activities

Caricature painting "live" - Exhibitions, Christmas parties.

Tourism Fair in Oslo 2011


I have made and designed these pages myself (so please apologize any possible mistakes), with great aid of info from the web  There is a lot of good and usefull information about website design so anyone with a good idea can make his/her own website.
You can also visit the DDK newspaper sites , where you can find a pile of splendid jokes as well as cartoons.
I still work on the reference list but it takes a time. So at least, for now, a web link where there is a chance to find some of my pictures used in website designs.


All prices are set by agreement based on the amount and complexity of the artwork. The stated prices are referencial. It depends on the difficulty, if pictures are coloured in hand or digitally, whether they are made in black&white or in colour etc.
For your orientation, it is generally applicable that a more challenging A4 in colour comes up to 30€, a simpler one about 20€. BW then 15€ or 10€. Regular greetings listed in section Greetings belong to the simpler ones , e.i. A4 up to 30€, A5€ up to 15€, postcard size approximately 10€. This similarly applies to Invitations where the last example stated belongs, to get the idea, to the more difficult ones.
With the more comprehensive orders like tableaus, sets (series) and collections of topical pictures, caricatures of a large number of people, printing more identical invitations etc. the price is assessed and agreed individually for the whole order. The price for the single picture from such collection then remarkably reduces.
Tableaus belong to the more difficult orders and it depends on the extension of the drawing etc. Tableaus, for illustration shown in section Greetings, in A1 size cost from 70€ to 150€.

CONTACT or if you would like to write or call me.

Feel free to write and call for more info, what all and how is possible to do it. Beside the web , there are the e-mail
and cell phone +420 731 425 699 available too.
Mail Box:
Ve Strhanci 151
686 04 Kunovice
Czech Republic

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February 28, 2010
Here you can find a few tips of funny pictures for your invitations, tickets, greetings, tableaus, diplomas, and another inspiration how to make your friends happy. Variegate e.g. your Greeting or Wedding - card by individualistic and funny paintings.