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Every once in a while, there is someone who celebrates name-day, birthday or other significant moment in life. This page offers an inspiration how to be novel and original when you congratulate to your close ones on these occasions. Your Greeting can picture the honoree's qualities, hobbies or other characteristics.
Congratulation with a funny picture "table cut" always capture yet never disappoint.
Congratulation, tableaus or even postcard can be completed exactly according to your requests and the honoree's nature and hobbies given. The form of a wish can vary. It can be placed on a smooth pasteboard in size A4 and A5 including the text so that it can be of use right away. It is also possible to provide only a picture in digital form to be printed professionally. Printing can also be arranged.

In special offer are also complete tableaus which are popular particularly when celebrating a significant anniversary for sports club, degree clases, work groups etc. The form and complexity of the elaboration is a matter of mutual agreement.

The samples of the wishes presented are, for obvious reasons, modified.

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Wishes, Congratulations, Tableaus

Are you about to congratulate your friend, colleague, someone you know? Would you like to be original? Do you want to impress? Make someone happy? There is nothing easier then inform me about his interests, hobbies, character, weaknesses and let me make a suitable congratulation out of it. Be sure that such congratulations always succeed and often makes better job than an expensive present. Are you a great group, class, gang, sports club and would like to have some souvenir or provide someone with a really unconventional gift? Think about a chance to have a tableau done. Possibilities are endless. A drawn tableau, a tableau made of photos or combination of both brings always joy and surprising success.